1, high tensile strength, due to the use of plastic fibres, in wet and dry conditions will remain in full force and elongation.

2, resistance to corrosion, in the soil and water of different pH corrosion for a long time.

3, good water permeability between fibers there are gaps, therefore has good porous.

4, good resistance to microorganisms microorganisms, insects are not compromised.

5, the construction is convenient, as light, soft material, transporting, laying, construction convenience.

6, complete specifications: width up to 9 meters.


1: isolation

Acupuncture geotextile polyester staple fibers with different physical properties (size, distribution, thickness and density of) building materials (such as soil and sand, soil and concrete, and so on) isolate. Not the loss of two or more materials, do not mix, and keep the overall structure and function of the materials, structure load bearing capacity strengthening. 2: filters (filter)

When water from the soil into the coarse material soil when using polyester short fiber needle-punched geotextile fabric good permeability and water permeability, water flows through, and the effective closure of soil particles, sand, small stones, and to maintain the stability of the soil and water engineering. 3: polyester short fiber needle-punched geotextile has good drainage of water, it can be formed inside the soil drainage channels within the soil structure

Efflux of liquid and gas. 4: reinforced polyester short fiber needle geotechnological cloth enhancement soil body tensile strength and resistance to deformation, enhance the stability of structures to improve the

Good quality of soil ...

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