Causes fever of rolling bearing and its eliminating methods

Bearing precision: the precision bearings under.

Spindle to bend or box hole misalignment: fixed spindle or box.

Lubrication: selection of grades of lubricating materials should be specified and properly cleaned.

Low Assembly quality: improving Assembly quality.

Bearing shell run: replacement and wear parts.

Axial force is too large: cleaning, adjusting the sealing mouth ring clearance required between 0.2~0.3mm, correct balancing of the impeller diameter and check static values.

Bearing failure: replacing the bearing.

Bearings are coated with the right amount of oil in the factory with a rust-proof paper packages, as long as the package is not compromised, bearing the quality will be guaranteed. But when long stored, humidity is lower than will fit in under the condition of 65%, the temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, stored in 30cm on the shelf above the ground. In addition, the storage place away from direct sunlight or contact with cold walls.

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