Designed according to needs removal tool is also very important. At the time of demolition, demolition according to drawings study bearing mixing method, order, survey, in order to field Strip no risk at all.

Interference fit for the disassembly of the outer ring outer ring, prior on the circumference of the shell sets several outer ring screw extrusion screws, evenly tighten screw removal. These screw holes usually covered with blind plugs, tapered roller bearings are separable bearings, casing blocking sets out several cuts on the shoulders, use pads, press remove, or tap removal.

Removal of the inner ring, you can press out the simplest. At this time, pay attention to the inner ring to sustain its force. Furthermore, drawing such as the fixtures are mostly used either fixture, it must be firmly stuck in the inner ring side face. To this end, the need to be axial abutment dimensions, or study on abutment trench Department processing, using drawing fixture.

Large-scale demolition using the hydraulic method of the inner ring of the bearing. By setting the oil hole oil pressure bearing, so easy to pull. Large bearings for oil injection and drawing fixture, demolition job.

Cylindrical roller bearing inner ring dismounting by induction heating method. Local heating in a short time, drawing the inner ring expansion approach. Need to install a large number of such occasions of the bearing inner ring, using induction heating.

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