China bearing industry faced three major problems: one is the concentration of the industry, research and development and innovation capacity is low, low manufacturing technology.

First, the low industry concentration. Bearings in the world in sales of about $ 30 billion, 8 transnational corporations accounted for 75%~80% of the world. Germany the two companies accounted for 90% of its country, Japan 5 per cent 90% per cent of the national total, United States 56% of 1 per cent of the national total. Zwz, the 10 biggest enterprises in China, sales accounted for 24.7% of the whole industry, the top 30 concentration of production is only 37.4%.

Secondly, research and development and innovation capacity is low. Basic theory research of weak industry-wide to participate in international standard-setting weaker, less original technology, less proprietary products.

We design and manufacture technology of basically imitation, product development capacity, in: Although the domestic supporting rate of 80%, but high-speed railway passenger cars, luxury cars, computers, air conditioners, high level support and maintenance of the mill and other important host bearings, basically imported.

Third, the low manufacturing technology. Manufacturing processes and process equipment technology development of China bearing industry slow processing rate is low, grinding low automation levels, only more than 200 pieces of automatic production lines. Is essential for bearing life and reliability of advanced heat treatment technology and equipment, such as climate control heating, double protection detail, Bainite quenching and low coverage, many technical problems research failed to make a breakthrough. Bearing steel development of new steel grades, improvement of steel quality, lubrication, cooling, cleaning and abrasive technology research and development, is not yet adapted to bearing product standards and quality requirements. Resulting in process capability index is low, poor consistency, product processing and dispersion of size, product quality and effect on accuracy, performance, service life and reliability.

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