Analysis of data for the past five years found that 2009-2013 bearing manufacturing industry sales in China also showed an increasing trend. In 2013, the sales revenue of 249.012 billion yuan, an increase of 11.8%.

China bearing industry rapid development of assortment from less to more, product quality and technical level from low to high, from small to large scale, has formed a product category basic range, layout reasonable, professional production system.

Its role should be supported, that is literally used to bearing shafts, but it's just part of their role, supporting its essence is able to bear the radial load. Also can be understood as it is for fixed axis. Fast and easy automation of bearing selection are included. Fixed axis so that they can only achieve rotation, control the axial and radial movements. Motors have no bearing at all does not work. Because the shaft may movement in any direction, and the motor shaft is required when only rotation. From theory, impossible achieved drive of role, not only so, bearing also will effect drive, to reduced this effect in high-speed axis of bearing Shang must achieved good of lubrication, some bearing itself has has lubrication, called pre lubrication bearing, and most of bearing must has lubricants, is responsible for in high-speed running Shi, due to friction not only will increased energy, more terrible of is is easy damaged bearing. Rolling friction is sliding into a one-sided, because there is something called the sliding bearing.

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