6222 Bearing and 6224 Bearing and 6226 Bearing 6228 Bearing

6222/6224/6226/6228 Bearings DESCRIPTION Bearing Type: Ball bearings Brand Name: TELL and OEM bearing Bearing Type: seal(ZZ/2RS) and open Origin place: Linqing China Model Number: 6222 ZZ and 6222 2RS and 6222 open Bearing Row : Single Row Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 and Z3V3 and Z4V4 Bearing...

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6222/6224/6226/6228 Bearings DESCRIPTION                                2.png

Bearing Type: seal(ZZ/2RS) and open

Origin place: Linqing China

Model Number: 6222 ZZ and 6222 2RS and 6222 open

Bearing Row: Single Row

Bearing Vibration: Z2V2 and Z3V3 and Z4V4

Bearing Parameter: d:110mm X D:200mm X b:38mm

Bearing Weight: 4.42kgs


 6222 bearing and 6224 bearing and 6226 bearing 6228 bearing.

Our bearing is very high quality. Hardness is one of the important qualities of bearing quality, and has an

 indirect effect on contact fatigue strength, abrasion resistance and elastic limit. Bearing steel in the application

 of the hardness of the individual to reach HRC61 ~ 65, the ability to make the bearings get a higher contact 

fatigue strength and wear resistance. 

6222/6224/6226/6228 Bearings CONSTRUCTION     2.png                            

6218/6219/6220/6221 Bearings6222/6224/6226/6228 Bearings CONSTRUCTION

Length d :110mm 

Length D:200mm

Length b: 38mm

6222/6224/6226/6228 Bearings Showing                                          2.png                            6222/6224/6226/6228 Bearings Showing

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